Converting Family into Fans: How the Contemporary Jewish Museum expanded its reach to a new audience.

In this Museum magazine article, Bob Harlow and Cindy Cox Roman write about how the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Franciso, CA used audience research to become more visitor-centered. Bob Harlow is the author of The Road to Results: Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences (2014, The Wallace Foundation) and serves as Principal for Research and Consulting. Cindy Cox Roman … Read More

Road to Results: Engage the Audience

Delivered March 25, 2015, this webinar explores the final two practices for audience building detailed in The Wallace Foundation report, Road to Results: Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences (Building In Learning, Preparing for Success). Case studies explore the successes, challenges, and lessons learned from identifying and knowing your audience. Presenters: Bob Harlow, author, The Road to Results: Effective Practices … Read More

More than Just a Party

Young museum visitors in a gallery

Many arts organizations face a similar challenge—declining participation by young adults. The National Endowment for the Arts’ 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts revealed the continuation of a long-term trend of declining arts participation, including museum visits, among 18- to 34-year-olds. That same survey also showed that, as a group, visitors to arts organizations are growing older. The message is clear: arts organizations need to attract and engage new audiences to ensure their artistic and financial viability.

Embracing Millennial Perspectives

Young museum goers pose for a funny picture in the dinosaur exhibit

It seems the museum field is abuzz with insights on how to best engage Millennials as visitors, donors and members. But this generation’s advent as a demographic powerhouse doesn’t only affect how organizations market, fundraise, create programs and generally function externally, it also calls for big changes in how organizations must operate internally. This organizational evolution includes embracing Millennial perspectives in staff meetings and within day-to-day operations.

The Millennial Museum

A group of museum goers having fun in an exhibit

The group met at the designated rendezvous: a pharaoh statue in the grand entry hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nine visitors, ranging from teens to a 55-year-old, signed up for a tour conducted by Museum Hack, a group that leads unauthorized gallery excursions with an emphasis on subversive fun. The guide was Michelle Yee, a 30-year-old art historian.