Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement

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In Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement, authors Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle examine what they call “magnetic” organizations – those that have developed an energized core centered on people, vision, and service, which enables them to attract and retain critical resources.

Following is an adapted excerpt from the book as previously published in AAM’s Museum magazine.

Road to Results

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The Road to Results: Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences by Bob Harlow. The book is part of the Wallace Studies in Building Arts Audiences series, published by The Wallace Foundation, and is available as a free download at

Nine Effective Strategies of Audience Building

9 Effective Strategies of Audience Building

Museums looking to build audiences face serious headwinds as arts and humanities education continues to decrease, competition for leisure time intensifies and new generations of visitors interact differently with institutions than generations past. Given these challenges, arts leaders are eager for information about what works— and what doesn’t—in audience engagement.