Tools and Resources In the Wake of Charlottesville

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Peace Memorial, photo by Alberto Gragera (CC BY 2.0)

First, let me state how proud I am to work in a field where museums and other institutions (AAM included) publicly denounce hatred and bigotry. Simply knowing there are places that offer respite to those affected by violence and intolerance helps make all the darkness a little more bearable.

With these continuing events taking place across the country and around the world, we want to ensure everyone has easy access to resources they can use to help take the lead in the wake of such tragedies.

Earlier this week, we compiled and sent a list of resources to our Charlottesville member museums. We hope these will be useful to others as well.

AAM Resources
Newspaper Articles
Tools and other resources

Please contact the Information Center if you know of any additional resources to add to this list.

2 Comments on “Tools and Resources In the Wake of Charlottesville”

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