Lorem Ipsum: 5 Keys to Speaking the Same Language as Your Project Team

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Image of 12 Post-It notes on a wall with various acronyms or design words. Top row: MDF, Schematic Design, Axon. Second row: Greek Text, FPO, Placeholder. Third row: Interpretive, Story Mapping, NIC. The final note is being held by a woman's hand wearing dark nail polish.

My financial planner talks at lightning speed, using terms like “asset class diversification,” “large-cap funds,” and “variable annuity.” Embarrassingly, I don’t know what any of it means, and it’s overwhelming. I simply want him to understand my financial goals and risk aversion, and then to figure out the rest for me. We museum and exhibition professionals need to keep in … Read More

Time is of the Essence: 5 Ways to Keep Your Exhibit Design Project on Schedule

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Design and construction projects are notorious for taking longer than expected, and the unique undertaking of a museum exhibit design project is no exception. A number of factors routinely throw these projects off track. Unrealistic timeframes, short-staffed teams, long review periods—even holidays and vacations—and more, can eat away at valuable days and weeks. In a report entitled Current Practice in … Read More

Excellence in Label Writing-Awards

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Elizabeth Wessells, University of Washington, Museology Class of 2017 Elizabeth Wessells, University of Washington, Museology Class of 2017 Each year during the Marketplace of Ideas at the AAM Annual Meeting, professionals from every corner of the field gather to share ideas and celebrate the year’s best in exhibition label writing. The forum for their conversations is a display showcasing the … Read More