Reimagining the Museum in Medellín 2017

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Andrés Róldan speaking at El Museo Reimaginado

This week the Reimagining the Museum Conference of the Americas kicked off in Medellín, Colombia bringing together more than 600 museum professionals, from Argentina to Canada and around the world, to discuss the role of museums as social transformers. The event is a result of a partnership and collaboration between the American Alliance of Museums, Fundación TyPA (Teoría y Práctica de las Artes) in Argentina, and the conference’s amazing host museum, Parque Explora.

I followed along with day one of the conference on live stream and over social media (the magic of technology!) and  thought I’d share some moments. Some of this is in Spanish, but Twitter has a translator if it’s not one of your understood languages.

You can follow along yourself at #elmuseoreimaginado (that hashtag is ‘the Reimagined Museum’ in Spanish) and you can learn more from the Reimagining the Museum website. We’ll work on translating videos to share after the conference!

Pretty much the ideal location for a museum conference. Plus pour over Colombian coffee ☕️

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Thanks to those in Medellín for sharing – find more by following #ElMuseoReimaginado.

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