We Want You!: The Targeted Recruitment of Youth

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Two women help a young visitor learn about an object on exhibit

This post originally appeared on the Center for the Future of Museum’s Future of Education site in January 2017.  The world is rapidly growing, becoming more interconnected and increasingly diverse. Diversity means many things, from gender equality, to racial and socioeconomic equity. Many cultural institutions have out-of-school-time classes, internships, volunteer experiences, and research opportunities for students but many institutions have difficulty … Read More

Looking in the Mirror and Making Changes

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In every place I’ve worked, I’ve noticed two crucial keys to success: a bold but focused strategic plan and a strong, dynamic team culture. Without equal parts of both, it is hard for me to see a successful path forward. I probably sound like a broken record, repeatedly telling Alliance staff, volunteer leaders, and the field that we will not … Read More

When the global is local: building a world-class museum in Mogadishu, Minnesota

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A group of women dressed in traditional Somali garb dance at a festival

Our institutions are all asking that question: How can we build our museum’s audience as our communities are changing? I serve as Outreach & Development Director at the Somali Museum of Minnesota, the first museum celebrating the art and heritage of Somalia founded outside of East Africa. You might ask—someone named Larsson, at the Somali Museum? That’s right. I happily provide … Read More

Time is of the Essence: 5 Ways to Keep Your Exhibit Design Project on Schedule

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Design and construction projects are notorious for taking longer than expected, and the unique undertaking of a museum exhibit design project is no exception. A number of factors routinely throw these projects off track. Unrealistic timeframes, short-staffed teams, long review periods—even holidays and vacations—and more, can eat away at valuable days and weeks. In a report entitled Current Practice in … Read More

Access and Inclusion Case Study: Connecting Students to the Museum Field

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In a session at the 2017 AAM Annual Meeting in St. Louis, a look around the room revealed a small sea of mostly mid-career museum professionals with experience and interest in education and interpretation. The presenter posed a question: “Think of a time when your curiosity was shut down. What held you back?” A murmur of voices swelled as attendees … Read More

Giving school groups a place to sit—Tips for Creating Museum Field Experiences from a Teacher’s Perspective

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Field trip to the National Gallery with children sitting on the floor in front of a painting with a teacher sitting and interpreting

I teach fifth-grade students in a small town in Northern Virginia. I’m lucky in many ways—first, fifth graders are full of life and energy and are still excited by learning. There’s nothing better than seeing a student’s face light up and experience art or an exhibit they’ve never seen before. And secondly, I live extremely close to many opportunities for … Read More

Excellence in Label Writing-Awards

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Image of a green wall with a curved glass aquarium set into it with a label to the left

Elizabeth Wessells, University of Washington, Museology Class of 2017 Elizabeth Wessells, University of Washington, Museology Class of 2017 Each year during the Marketplace of Ideas at the AAM Annual Meeting, professionals from every corner of the field gather to share ideas and celebrate the year’s best in exhibition label writing. The forum for their conversations is a display showcasing the … Read More

The Power of Amusement

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Colorful image of amusement park rides spinning really fast in a blur of color.

David Allison is the Manager of Onsite Programs at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. How do museums fit in, confront, or adapt to a rapidly changing world? Now more than ever, this question becomes important for museum leaders. A short list of museum “reasons for being” illustrates the quandary that we face. Museums are: trusted educational resources. bastions … Read More

Weekly Roundup: Museums in the News 9/29/2017

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Collage of Weekly News

1. We’re getting more news about the situation in Puerto Rico where Hurricane Maria took a devastating toll on the island. Thanks to artnet news for its continued coverage of effects of natural disasters on museums and cultural institutions. Amid Relentless Hurricanes, Puerto Rican Art Spaces Report Dire Damage | artnet News The unusually devastating 2017 Atlantic hurricane season rages … Read More