Missouri History Museum Exhibit Highlights St. Louis’ Role in Civil Rights Movement

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With a theme of Gateways for Understanding: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Museums, the 2017 AAM Annual Meeting will put special focus on how our institutions can help support, heal and educate our communities. The Missouri History Museum will receive an AAM Award for diversity, accessibility, equity and inclusion at this year’s Annual Meeting for its #1 in Civil Rights: … Read More

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion FAQ: AAM’s Annual Meeting Initiatives

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At AAM, we’ve been busy working to integrate diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI) into all of our practices, procedures, and programs. As you may remember, last year our chief of staff, Brooke Leonard, reported out on how your input influenced some of our early action steps. As the Annual Meeting approaches with the theme Gateways for Understanding: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and … Read More

Weekly Roundup: Museums in the News 4/28/2017

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Collage of news stories for 4/28/2017

This week’s Roundup shares stories about storytelling, migration, war, trust, taking a stand and future trendcasting. Enjoy! 1. Bethany Hawkins, Chief of Operations at AASLH, writes about the role of the Chief Storyteller, which has been adopted by some companies in the for-profit sector to humanize their brands. Hawkins argues that cultural organizations could learn from this approach. She asks, … Read More

Workplace Culture – Let’s talk about it!

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Shawn VanDerziel is the Chief Human Resources Officer at The Field Museum. This is the first in a series we’ll be presenting that discusses the Field Museum’s staff culture and engagement initiative. Last year I attended a great session at the AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo on hiring and diversity. One of the panelists spoke about the need to assess … Read More

Meet the #AAM2017 Social Media Journalists

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We’re excited to introduce our #AAM2017 Social Media Journalists. You may recognize each of them from their ongoing contributions to conversations around race, LGBTQ rights, and gender issues in museums. They’ll be important contributors in engaging discussions around the Annual Meeting theme,  Gateways for Understanding: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Museums. If you’re coming to St. Louis and you see … Read More

Weekly Roundup: Museums in the News 4/21/2017

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Happy Earth Day! This week’s Roundup shares stories about conflict resolution, conference museum going, the Science March, Native American art and Antoni Gaudí. 1. I caught up with a lot of inspiring colleagues at the Museums and the Web conference in Cleveland this week. The convening’s keynote Tim Phillips is a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution and co-founder … Read More

Digital birds perch at Yale’s Peabody Museum

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The completed model of a Baird's sandpiper. This is the first bird model created at the Peabody using 3D technology.

Mike Cummings is a communications officer at Yale University. He previously worked as a reporter for daily newspapers in Mississippi and Connecticut. This article was originally published on YaleNews, April 7, 2017. Republished with permission. Four sandpipers congregate on a workbench in the basement of Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History. At first glance, the shorebirds look genuine — not unlike … Read More

A Museum-School Partnership: Why It’s Important & How It Works

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Landscape from Museum School Parntership in New Orleans

Ellen Balkin is the Education Manager and Suzanna Ritz is the Curriculum Coordinator for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. By all accounts, the educational landscape of New Orleans has changed dramatically since Hurricane Katrina. The city “essentially erased its traditional school district and started over,” wrote Doug Harris, director of the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans. The Orleans Parish School … Read More

Weekly Roundup: Museums in the News 4/14/2017

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Weekly Roundup 4/14/2017 collage of stories

This week’s Roundup shares stories about innovation, failure, and sharing (oh and 3D printing!) 1. “Failure is necessary for innovation,” explains Samuel West, founder of Sweden’s new Museum of Failure. The museum will display innovation flops hoping to make audiences laugh and learn.  West wants to share the message that “It’s OK to fail small scale, when nobody dies and … Read More

Facilitating ‘Tough’ Conversations: A Case Study from the Evansville Museum

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Karen Malone is the The Ruby C. Strickland Curator of Education at the Evansville Museum. You can reach out to her at karen@emuseum.org or follow her on Instagram @TheMuseumKaren. Make sure to ask her about the on-going adventures of the #MuseumShark! Have you ever wished to encourage a place for dialogue in your museum? How about using a format that would … Read More