Labor of Love: Revaluing Museum Work

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This post was originally published on Medium, December 20, 2017. Over the last few years, museum workers have been increasingly vocal about job dissatisfaction. At the 2015 American Alliance of Museums (AAM) annual conference, several museum workers hosted a rogue session on the connections between museum labor practices and social justice, which would later evolve into Museum Workers Speak. In the summer of … Read More

Join #5WomenArtists

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Ask someone to name five artists and responses will likely include names such as Warhol, Picasso, van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci—all male artists. Ask someone to name five women artists, and the question poses more of a challenge. The truth is that women have never been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, … Read More

Time and Space Self-Care Plan

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Resolution-makers often accidentally set themselves up for failure. They set goals that are totally out of character. They imagine they will change a dozen bad habits overnight. When within a few weeks, they somehow remain unchanged, the failure creates a feeling of stasis. Basically, the whole element of resolution-making becomes a self-fulfilling failure. So, in this new year, these three … Read More

We Must Decolonize Our Museums!

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This post originally appeared on the Center for the Future of Museums, Future of Education website. “Museums can be very painful sites for Native peoples, as they are intimately tied to the colonization process,” writes Ho-Chunk scholar Amy Lonetree.  Reading this passage for the first time in 2012 stopped me in my tracks and forced me to ask myself how … Read More

The Worcester Art Museum: A Re-envision Case Study

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A man and woman stand with several touchable tools in the Stone Carving section

THE VISION With the arrival of a new director in 2011, the board envisioned a more accessible and inclusive museum providing physical, sensory, intellectual, aesthetic, and social access for everyone. The board also aspired for the museum to appeal to a more broad audience, including the next generation of visitors; new immigrants from Brazil, Vietnam, and Ghana; and 30,000 students … Read More

10 Easy Ways Museums Can Be More LGBTQ-friendly

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This post originally appeared on the Center for the Future of Museums Future of Education blog in December 2016. Have you ever been bothered by something, found co-workers who were bothered by the same thing, put your heads together, and made change happen?  That’s pretty much how in 2010 we got Chicago Children’s Museum’s LGBTQ Inclusion initiative off the ground. A group … Read More

Access and Inclusion Case Study: Connecting Students to the Museum Field

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In a session at the 2017 AAM Annual Meeting in St. Louis, a look around the room revealed a small sea of mostly mid-career museum professionals with experience and interest in education and interpretation. The presenter posed a question: “Think of a time when your curiosity was shut down. What held you back?” A murmur of voices swelled as attendees … Read More

Taking a Stand: Prisons Today, The Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site Award Winner

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Image of the exhbition with a closeup of one of the labels saying "Have you ever broken the law?"

The Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site’s Prisons Today: Questions in the Age of Mass Incarceration exhibition won first place in the 2017 Excellence in Exhibition award presented jointly by the following Professional Networks of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM): Curators Committee (CurCom), the National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME), the Committee on Audience Research and Evaluation (CARE) and the … Read More

Reflections on A Seat at the Table at NMAAHC

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Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell is an education specialist with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. This essay is adapted from her presentation “Activating Social Justice in the Museum: A Public Programs Approach” at the 2017 Association for African American Museums (AAAM) conference. In the effort to be actively responsive social and cultural institutions one of our biggest challenges … Read More