Weekly Roundup: Museums in the News 11/10/2017

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In honor of Veterans Day, we are sharing several accredited military and veterans museums you might want to visit sometime soon (hint, hint). 1. The United States Army Women’s Museum tells the amazing story of female patriots who have served our nation from the American Revolution to present. Army Women’s Museum – Fort Lee, VA The U.S. Army Women’s Museum … Read More

My Primary School is at the Museum – Squaring the Circle

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Greetings! This is Sage and I am excited to announce that we are reposting this great article because I am about to fly to Manchester, England to attend the Museum Association’s conference and be on a panel with these wonderful authors speaking about the “museum schools movement” in the UK and US. It will be refreshing to be able to … Read More

The Worcester Art Museum: A Re-envision Case Study

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A man and woman stand with several touchable tools in the Stone Carving section

THE VISION With the arrival of a new director in 2011, the board envisioned a more accessible and inclusive museum providing physical, sensory, intellectual, aesthetic, and social access for everyone. The board also aspired for the museum to appeal to a more broad audience, including the next generation of visitors; new immigrants from Brazil, Vietnam, and Ghana; and 30,000 students … Read More

Reimagining the Museum in Medellín 2017

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Andrés Róldan speaking at El Museo Reimaginado

This week the Reimagining the Museum Conference of the Americas kicked off in Medellín, Colombia bringing together more than 600 museum professionals, from Argentina to Canada and around the world, to discuss the role of museums as social transformers. The event is a result of a partnership and collaboration between the American Alliance of Museums, Fundación TyPA (Teoría y Práctica de las Artes) in … Read More

Some thoughts on visitor exhibition patterns

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Rainbows of color in horizontal waves

In a recent thread on Museum Junction, Beverly Serrell, director of Serrell & Associates, responded to a post titled Unintended Visitor Flow Pattern with some really helpful information.   There are several basic assumptions that museum professionals make about visitor behavior. Research has helped clarify or dispel commonly held notions about visitors’ interests, motivations, time, and values. Below are some that I … Read More

10 Easy Ways Museums Can Be More LGBTQ-friendly

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This post originally appeared on the Center for the Future of Museums Future of Education blog in December 2016. Have you ever been bothered by something, found co-workers who were bothered by the same thing, put your heads together, and made change happen?  That’s pretty much how in 2010 we got Chicago Children’s Museum’s LGBTQ Inclusion initiative off the ground. A group … Read More

Coffee, Cacti, and Collaboration: National Program Committee Kicks off #AAM2018 in Phoenix

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Image of Samuel Moore's name plate at the National Program Committee meeting

As a professional museum nerd, I can state for a fact that there is nothing more exciting than being in a room filled with other museum nerds–which is what makes AAM’s Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo so exciting. But every fall, long before people begin boarding planes to attend the annual meeting in its host city, a group of around 35 … Read More

We Want You!: The Targeted Recruitment of Youth

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Two women help a young visitor learn about an object on exhibit

This post originally appeared on the Center for the Future of Museum’s Future of Education site in January 2017.  The world is rapidly growing, becoming more interconnected and increasingly diverse. Diversity means many things, from gender equality, to racial and socioeconomic equity. Many cultural institutions have out-of-school-time classes, internships, volunteer experiences, and research opportunities for students but many institutions have difficulty … Read More

Looking in the Mirror and Making Changes

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In every place I’ve worked, I’ve noticed two crucial keys to success: a bold but focused strategic plan and a strong, dynamic team culture. Without equal parts of both, it is hard for me to see a successful path forward. I probably sound like a broken record, repeatedly telling Alliance staff, volunteer leaders, and the field that we will not … Read More

When the global is local: building a world-class museum in Mogadishu, Minnesota

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A group of women dressed in traditional Somali garb dance at a festival

Our institutions are all asking that question: How can we build our museum’s audience as our communities are changing? I serve as Outreach & Development Director at the Somali Museum of Minnesota, the first museum celebrating the art and heritage of Somalia founded outside of East Africa. You might ask—someone named Larsson, at the Somali Museum? That’s right. I happily provide … Read More