Our Institutions as Sanctuaries

Eduardo Díaz, Smithsonian Latino Center

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    Schools move lessons to local museums for learning experiment

    Children have been learning alongside ancient artefacts and innovative artwork as part of research to investigate the benefits of going to school in a museum. Three schools have moved classes into their local museums to test whether it will boost pupils’ learning and also attract a new audience of visitors to museums, as part of a project run by King’s College London.

    Should museums have a personality?

    Think about some of your favourite museums on Twitter. How about Instagram? What is it about how they present themselves across social media that you enjoy or relate to? Beyond the subject matter or the expertise, it’s the people behind the accounts that bring museums to life online.

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Our Current Projects

Building Cultural Audiences


The long-term success of any museum depends on its ability to effectively attract and engage its visitors. Today, museum leaders are looking for strategies to better reach new audiences and to address changes in the leisure preferences of existing audiences. Finding strategies that work is no easy matter. This online feature will share with you the best resources from AAM and the Wallace Foundation as well as new content from contributors around the field as we seek proven approaches for building cultural audiences.

Learn About Building Cultural Audiences

A World of Connections


In our globally connected world, museums are having an international impact. While AAM’s main audiences are located in North America, we have the privilege of helping to establish some amazing global partnerships too. It’s incredible to hear about the work AAM museums are doing to build vibrant global connections. These stories will show you just some of the ways that global perspectives can inspire you to think differently about how connected our world is today and how global thinking can inform your museum’s work with local audiences as well.

Read Stories About The Global Work Of Museums